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Starboard 2016 SUP Range overview



The 2016 Starboard dealer meeting in costa Brava was again like previous years… full of surprises, The brands range has swollen in certain areas and been trimmed down in others. As stand up Paddling has huge female participation read The SUP Hut’s Emily and Abi’s reviews on some of the available boards for 2016.

First up Emily reviews (pregnant)

The waves I tried the kit in over 3 days were around 1-2ft clean and others
onshore choppy and very windy so I guess you can say I tried it in most.

STARBOARD  8’5 x 29” Pro

The first board I grabbed was the 8’5 x 29” carbon. This is the board that the Starboard
Dream Team Surf Sup riders champion. It looks stunning with clean lines and a
narrow nose and a good amount of rocker with slender rails. I know it was going
to feel fast and loose and I can’t say I was disappointed.
As with all the boards I tried it felt stable and easy to get out on the
water…paddling to catch the wave the board had great acceleration and really
felt like a semi gun, it found the power straight away from the waves, there is a
small run of dihedral to the tail helping to channel the water back fast and
straight. The rails are thin and easy to fine tune if you have the skills. I loved the
looseness of it but I have to say it caught me out a few times…defo something to
master and enjoy getting the best out of. I know this board performs well in
these conditions but would love to try it on some pumping faces and put it
through its paces. A truly gnarly board with loads of performance!


This board is a real easy ride, 9’0 x 30”, it took me by surprise on the first wave.
It was like it was under radio control, it just took off and knew what to do. It felt
balanced and stable without having chunky rails like most boards of it size
meaning I didn’t feel like I was losing any speed of ability to move it around. I
love the fact that you can push your limits on a board of this size but you’re not
going to compromise your performance on a bigger board.



This is Starboards innovation board of 2016, it really was something to behold.
Just looking at the shape makes you curious as to what it can really do, I loved
this board from the moment I stepped on it.
I tried the wood 8”6’ and the carbon 7”4’. Both boards felt well balanced in hand
and were easy to get up onto. The first thing I liked about the Hypernut was how
balanced and easy it was to paddle through the white water, even more
surprising as the fin set up is a quad meaning no center fin to stabilize the tail.
The board seems to catch anything; its great knowing you can really push your
weight to the front to catch the face especially when the winds trying its best to
blow you off the back. maneuvering the board on a face is so easy, the deck feels
really secure under your feet and I never felt like my feet moved, making it really
easy to drop my weight over the rails. There’s a sweet point just inside of the
front fin by the rail, which if you can catch as your taking the wave brings the
board shooting forwards at quite a rate! More power, more turns. Drops are no
problem as the board is vey stable and balanced due to the shape meaning you can
get away with a much smaller board without compromising balance. Defo a must
for your quiver if you want to progress your surfing and get more out of your
waves !!

STARBOARD STREAM 8’6, 9’6 & 11’0


White water, river paddling or catching waves, what a great board! I totally love
the rigidness of this board, as an inflatable the fact that it felt so taught and
balanced underfoot was great. I moved it around in the water and catching
waves with no effort.

starboard stream

I’d love to take it out on a river and put it through its paces.

I was super impressed with the nubster fins which really helped with the
tracking of the board whilst the large center fin which is heavily cut back will
make light work when it comes to weed.



So its time for the next generation of performance paddle from Starboard, and
this really has got it nailed at a competitive price. The handle and shaft has a
choice to suit your preference. I enjoyed using the ergonomic handle with the
small round shaft in both the adjustable and the fixed shaft. I found that being
able to have so much choice with flex makes it very versatile to suit what I want
as a paddler. The head has the unique square outline. With the double concave
on the power face it helps to get a smooth catch which gives maximum tracking
with power pushing forwards. Smooth and easy to have a fast cadence.

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Second on the review list Abi 5’7 and 54 kg



I’m comparing this to my 2013 model but since last years model it has Thinner rails, more volume (80l) but cleverly distributed. I initially tried this on flat water in the pool and it felt remarkably stable and with the narrow tail, easy to pivot turn so I can imagine how well it would turn in surf.

As soon as the wind dropped I took this out in the sea.. It Was harder to balance than the 2013 model and less forgiving in chop but I felt the potential on the wave as it turned v easily. The pro line are no longer neon green which was disappointing and are all blue with red down the side and starboard are making their boards more uniform regarding colour scheme. The 7’4 has a tail pad which sean Poynter said enabled him to get his foot in exactly the right spot for radical turns. The handle is ridged but as its smaller than usuAl if carrying long distances it would require lots of changing hands !

STARBOARD 7’7 Pro.. This board felt v light and responsive in the surf and although slightly tippy was more forgiving in the chop than the 7’4 and caught waves easily.

STARBOARD 8’0 x 29 Pro I loved this board , it was light , stable but offering more glide than the 7’4 and 7’7 in to waves add fast and responsive … This would be great for someone progressing surf but not wanting the narrower 28″ version.


 HyperNut 6’10 x 26.5

HyperNut 6'10

This board felt extremely stable in the sea despite the chop and was easy to pivot turn to get on the wave… When on the 1foot shore dump it was easy to pump but felt quite skittish on the wave due to the size but I couldn’t believe how stable.

HyperNut 7’2 x 28 again great for people wanting shorter boards but maintaining stability. This board had more glide and felt less skittish than the 6’10.

HyperNut 7’4 x 30

Great carbon board, very light, extremely stable and good glide. I didn’t manage to try this in the surf but it’s performance on flat water made me very excited to try it in waves.

HyperNut 7’8 x 30 this board although not carbon felt very light and had a great ridged handle making it very easy to carry. This board would be ideal for someone wanting to go shorter but still keeping the stability. I was impressed by its weight and manoeuvrability in the water.

HyperNut 8’6 


Again very stable in the swimming pool, lots of glide and suitable for bigger riders wanting a smaller board for the surf but maintaining the volume and width. I later tried this in the sea when it was quite choppy and caught a small wave but I didn’t like this as much as the smaller hyper nuts in the surf.

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STARBOARD 12’6 Inflatable tourer


This was reasonably stable but bit Tippy in side chop although possibly as it was under inflated. Easy to carry and great straps at the front to secure your dry bag and picnic! Caught a a couple of glides and managed to get some speed up on flat water.. Would recommend as touring board of storage a problem or for taking on trips

STARBOARD 14ft  Tourer

Heavy to carry as expected but really enjoyed it distance wise, great stability and glide and paddled it a fair distance easily although I wouldn’t want to carry this board far to the beach!


Matt from The SUP HUT adds a few additional notes to his thoughts on the 2016 lineup 

Starboard 2016 Inflatables

The Deluxe line this year features a carbon rail for additional stiffness , the deluxe models are also 6″ thick have a  dual stringer and FCS fin boxes making them pretty unique.

starboard 2016 deluxe inflatables

The Deluxe race inflatables have double dual stringers and a unique rail edge on the tail which helps benefit a clean water sheer off tail meaning a faster board , as the water does nor grip the tail so much.

starboard shear starboard deluxe
The Zen line are the cheaper alternative and are  4″ thick with glue on  side fins and a longboard box

General Constructions

  • Carbon Construction:  glass / sandwich /  bi axial carbon / = longest lasting
  • Wood  Construction: like carbon for flex – bi axial wood , a great looking board.
  • AST Construction:  Chop strand glass /wind surf insert – like a sandwich construction but cheaper – epoxy resin with thickener traps air
  • Star Shot  Construction: lighter by 800grams for 2016 .


8’6 – stable
With Wide point behind the centre point of the board its stable when not enough speed is generated paddling out through waves – because of this wide point it makes it easier for the rider to be in check with the boards turning ability – most boards have the best turning response if the back foot is over the fins – which is hard for beginners and intermediate paddlers.
The Weight difference between the 8’6 HyperNut in AST Construction and the  Starshot  Construction is small if not noticeable at all.

8’0 HYPER NUT – more row – more technical to paddle – speed is not gained as quickly as the larger models

6’10  HYPER NUT– for the boards size it’s remarkable that this board is even possible for riders of 85kg + .

7’4  HYPER NUT– tippy nose to tail – rail to rail its stable – not much glide – no swing weight

Whopper 9’5 x 33

Punches through waves easily with lots of glide and speed – turns very well for a board of 33 width definitely a standout board for me 

starboard whopper 9'5 IMG_2901

9’5 Nut
Stable but for better for inter – advanced Paddlers in my opinion.

12’6 x 26 Astro Deluxe Inflatable  In choppy conditions with short range wind fetch this board was incredible , I was on a Allstar 24″ and could not catch the guy in front on the 26′ Racer….and i’m no snail.

12’6 x 24 Allstar – tippy but good upwind – downwind for 85+ kg quite tippy and glides are not connected easily

 So …that rounds things up …if you have any questions or queries about the Starboard 2016 range as the U.K’s top selling starboard dealer we urge you to contact us …!

Check the starboard website here starboard 2016 website

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