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Starboard ‘Bolt’ Paddle


So at The World Starboard dealer meeting this year in costa Brava I was very interested to find out about Starboard newly named Bolt Paddle.
Those of you in the know may recognise what Starboard have going on, on the back of this so called ‘new’ Paddle.
This design was first put to the test last year in the form of the overdrive model and through the fast hands of Connor Baxter has had a rebrand!
The double Dihedrals…sorry (Triple if you blink) on the back of this blade give a soft catch but a load of stored energy ready to be unleashed in the power phase of the paddle stroke.
The paddle is very well balanced and in short is the best form of flattery to another well known brand who came up with the original concept the brainchild of JT and DK.

However what is great about Starboards offering this year is – They have two blade constructions.
Carbon and Tiki Tech construction and here lies the jewel.
Tiki Tech construction
A Lightweight PVC core, full ABS rail, hybrid carbon lay-up, and special scratchproof surface finish material.A blade with forgiving flex characteristics, strength and light weight.

So for the average Paddler wanting to get the benefits of the QB VDrive or Bolt they’re looking at a £300 plus pricetag …but with the Bolt available in Tiki Tech …this can drop to half that with a fibreglass shaft and blade!
Starboard have a new offering of shaft stiffness index albeit opposite to their competitions too.

35 – Stiffest shaft for paddles who prefer minimal flex
38 – A stiff shaft with controlled flex to maximise speed and power
40 – A balance in performance between stiffness and flex
42 – More Forgiving , suiting long distance, all rounds paddlers and most riders under 75-80kg.


On test I used the 40 stiffness hybrid Carbon shaft with Medium Bolt blade which felt great. Admittedly I use a stiffer shaft usually for surfing but as I tried a variety of boards it seemed only to loose its consistent power delivery when I was trying out the smaller Starboards SUP’s which needed a more direct transfer of energy better suited to a stiffer shaft.
The Starboard 2016 Hybrid Carbon shaft is a great combination when paired with the Tiki tech Bolt offering a fantastic economical paddle.

Blade sizes in the starboard Bolt have been simplified to three sizes
Small – 74.4 inches
Medium – 83.7 inches
Large – 93.0 inches

check out a video review of the bolt below

Connor Baxter ‘Choke stroke’

tiki tech bolt choke stroke

We are taking pre orders of STARBOARD BOLT paddles now

Prices will be as follows – click to purchase
Tiki tech bolt blade and Hybrid carbon fixed shaft – £155

Full carbon bolt blade and full 38 carbon fixed shaft – £325

Let us know if you’re interested – 01792 446511

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