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The Gower,

We’re blessed with a large variety of paddling experiences from flat water to waves.

Check out our Movie guide to see what you may expect !

The Gower and Swansea bay has a huge tidal range – second largest in the world for ‘rise and fall’ Big spring tides can be 13 metres.

Some of these spots are better paddled at high as the water is closer more tidal information can be found here useful Tidal info
For accurate tidal predictions for the Swansea tidal predictions for the Swansea area click here

Not wanting to catch WAVES …Check our piste style map of Gower below – please click on it

GOWER SUP Paddlers guide


A large Cresent bay sweeping from Swansea docks past the city centre and round to The Mumbles lighthouse. The bay can offer waves and is more exposed towards swansea docks and opposite Swansea University and around the formally 360 beach cafe / Seven Beach Cafe there are some fun sandbanks for beginner SUP surfers when the swell is big enough.

The Mumbles end of Swansea bay offers shelter from SW and W winds and lovely flat water paddling can be found here.

1. Bracelet Bay – rocks

A good spot to check if the wind has died and the swell is 3-4ft at Llangennith-
Low to mid tide is best.

2. Limeslade Bay – rocks and sand

Needs a big W swell breaks at low to mid tide, fickle but can offer right handers.

3. Caswell Bay – sand

Very popular beach with good beginner waves but can get busy – If you fancy a nice adventure paddle head round to Pwlldu beach around 1km to the west. Paddling to Langland is also achievable when conditions are calm.

The Mixon Shoal

A 1 km paddle out into the Bristol channel -a serious fickle wave which can
be perfect when all the elements fall into place.

Langland –rocks and sand

Probably one of the most popular Gower beaches where at high tide you will always find people Stand up Paddling in the flat water in the summer months. Low tide waves are for intermediates / advanced only . Car parking and various cafes

3. Whiteshell Point- rocks

A fast shallow right hand point break over rocks. Works on big W swell at
low tide, a little inconsistent to link up but great on a paddleboard!

4. Brandy Cove – rocks and sand

A fast shallow right hand wave breaking over rocks with a fatter left, can
get sketchy on take off!

5. Pwlldu Point- rocks and sand

A point break with a selection of right handers breaking over rocky bottom,
this is a 1 km paddle from caswell but well worth it.

6. Three cliffs Bay – sand

If you park at Parkmill/ Heritage centre and walk over the road to the  stream you can paddle all the way
down the small pill to Three cliffs bay. Best to do this at Higher spring tides on a Paddleboard
and the beach only needs a small swell to offer fun beach break waves

Stand up paddleboarding Gower8. Oxwich Beach Pill – sand

Protected large beach – but can blow offshore in westerly winds so be aware ! Further down the beach towards the last big dune there is a stream. This part of the beach is more exposed and can get a nice wave . Does not need a big swell to work and best in no or little wind, A good paddle from
the car park at Oxwich. Mid to high tide is best.

9. Oxwich point – rocks

Needs a big W’ly swell and when its ‘ON’ can offer huge rides all the way
through to the inside, unfortunately it can get very busy, a low tide spot.

10. Slade – rocks and sand

A good left hand point reef break that needs a moderate swell to work, best
at mid to high tide.

11. Salt house Rights – rocks

A great right hander to check in big SW’ly swell at 3 hours after low

12. Point- Eyon Point -rocks and sand

A fast and hollow right hand reef break not for beginner SUP’ers, Can section and snap paddles !

13. Gower Reefs- rocks

As the name implies there are a few to check out, paddle from Overton Mere

14. Tears Point

A very good looking Right hand point break that needs a moderate swell and neap tides to work best.

15. Crabart

A low tide Shallow right hand reef break,Works best on neaps and always hasa wave on small swells, A big walk and long paddle via rhossili bay and then a walk over the causeway, definitely not a wave for novice stand up paddlers.

16. Rhossili Bay (beachbreak) sand

In large Swells and strong S winds a great selection of beach break waves

17. Burry Holms – sand

A mission wave to walk to through the dunes, Best a low tide with a moderate
swell, its redeeming feature is that you can paddle back past the cliffs to
Broughton and walk through the caravans at the end of your session.

18. Bluepool – sand

A great Right hand point break that works in Bigger swells

19. Broughton Bay- rocks and sand

This is one of the only Left hand waves in the area. Works on a big W swell
when it can offer very long rides. It works a couple hours either side of high

Gower Sup Flat water spots

Training in flat water will get you comfortable on your SUP board quickly.

20. Llanelli North dock

21. Swansea’s River Tawe

22. Princes dock Swansea SA1

23. Mumbles High tide from Knab rock

24 . Clydach & Neath Canal

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