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Starboard HyperNut



So 2016 heralds a new innovative board from Starboard SUP….The Hyper Nut
Starboard Hyper Nut

There have been lots of SUP brands releasing similar squarish shaped boards into their ranges over the past year or two , you may remember we were the first in Europe to test the jp-australia Slate.
Our review is here JP slate Review
We also detailed the board in SUP MAG JP Australia Slate 7.2ft first look
So we were very excited to be able to test the various sizes on offer from Starboard at the World dealer meeting in Costa Brava.

The Hyper Nut has obviously been in the minds of the design team at Starboard namely (scott McKercher, Svien Rasmussen and Mathieu Rauzier ) for a while.
Starboard Hypernut
The design hasn’t been rushed…this board is the product of extensive prototyping and testing and each model has been tweaked to allow a variety of users to obtain the benefits of this design of board.
So what are the benefits….?





Seven Hyper Nut models complete the full lineup featuring

Hyper Nut range

8’6 x 31.5″ – 140 Litres
8’0 x 31.5″- 133 Litres
7’8 x 30″- 115 Litres
7’4 x 30″ – 106 Litres
7’2 x 28″ – 105 Litres
6’10 x 26.5″ – 91 Litres
(6’9 x 23″) – 69 Litres not available to test

Hyper Nut Overview
The Hyper Nut shape is definitely innovative – starboard gave the model the same hip as their Nut line of boards. (11’2 pictured below)

Starboard Nut
This Hip in the middle of the board helps the boards turning ability, the parallel outline channels water to flow around the board and the channels in the bottom are the basis for many hydrodynamic theories … a wide nose for stability and wide tail for speed and control but this hip helps the board surf with loads of speed and most importantly grip. This means improved performance in all conditions and because the Hyper Nut boards are shorter than your average SUP surf board they have less swing weight in the nose. A by product of this hip is the widest point of the board is in fact slightly behind the boards handle giving stability of two accounts.

Firstly. In chop and smaller conditions, stability is key to being able to generate speed without over cooking it and digging a rail – With the width behind the rider – this helps get into the wave and generating speed.

Secondly. In paddle speed to meet whitewater , any lack of momentum is counter balanced by this rear width and its less likely you’ll fall even with the wide nose climbing over white water.

A skatey feeling board is great , but if you don’t have grip you’ll slide – imagine skateboarding on a board with hard porcelain wheels versus grippy rubber wheels and you get the picture!

compact performance

A functional board which will give you control and speed in a variety of waves allowing you the ability to attack the wave face in tighter angles……want one ? read on !

Hyper Nut 8'6

We’ll start with what was on offer for the smaller riders.
Hyper Nut 6’10 x 26.5
Im currently weighing in at 86kg and not really who this board is aimed at with suggested max rider weight of 75kg. However first impressions in the swimming pool as it was too windy and choppy to tempt me into the sea were….. its doable!
It’s short and has YAW..It twists left and right unless you’re an accomplished paddler, it also has a 3d equilibrium (meaning tippy from nose to tail and rail to rail) but with 91 Litres I could easily stay afloat and paddle comfortably with some relative glide in the glassy pool.


HyperNut 6'10
Secondary impression in the sea
In the chop and wind it was a little more tippy, paddling into the 1-2ft windswell was a challenge…one which I didn’t stick with as with other Hyper Nut models on beach it was too easy to paddle in for a more suitable model.





Hyper Nut 7’2 x 28

The 7’2” would have to be the ultimate all-round board for the 70-85kg rider who already SUP Surfs. Acceleration through fat parts of the wave with seamless rail to rail transition to project up at the lip with speed,. This board seems to do it all.
You’ll be turning tighter and faster than you ever have before, with a level of unparalleled comfort as it’s such an easy board to use.
If you’re looking for a 1 board quiver however …the 7’4 will handle the choppy seas better at 30″ wide.





starboard Hypernut

Hyper Nut 7’4 x 30

Suited to a heavier rider but maintains the acceleration and ability to turn on the spot and project effortlessly and easily in any direction.The Thickness is relatively low which keeps you close to the waterline, aiding balance and sensitivity of rail sensation. It’s Tippy nose to tail – but rail to rail it was stable – the board felt so easy to throw around but had to be worked continually for speed- no glide into the waves.

Hyper Nut 7’8 x 30

Slight Yawing , but the best compromise of stability and manoeuvrability in the range for my weight from standing still waiting for waves to paddling for a wave.

Hyper Nut 8’0 x 31.5

This model had lots of float but I found it slightly more technical to paddle and control in the choppy conditions – Good glide into the wave but speed was not gained as quickly as the larger 8’6

Hypernut performance
Hyper Nut 8’6 x 31.5

Although this was the biggest model it was actually my favourite to test , maybe it was the windy 1-2ft of chop that was relentlessly being washed ashore.

Most conventional SUP boards have the best turning response in waves if the back foot is positioned over the fins. This becomes difficult for beginners and intermediate riders as their boards are usually longer and moving your foot back may put you off balance. The 8’6 Hyper Nut felt super stable paddling out through the waves and generated lots of great flowing speed without feeling tippy.




8’6 x 31.5″ Carbon   8.14kg / Ast Electric 9.50kg / Starshot 9.64kg

8’0 x 31.5″ Carbon 7.73kg  / Wood 8.6kg

7’8 x 30″ Carbon   7.8kg / Wood 8.0 kg
7’4 x 30″ Carbon   6.93kg/ Wood 7.20kg
7’2 x 28″ Carbon  6.72kg / Wood 7.18kg
6’10 x 26.5″ Carbon  6.0kg


HyperNut from starboard sup on Vimeo.

Password for the video is : starboardwind

Check out how the HyperNut 7’2 & 7’4 compares to a few other boards in  the Starboard lineup

HyperNut comparison


The most important thing about these boards is why you’re considering a board like this !

These boards will definitely improve your surfing performance , however you’ll need to master the boards distinctive style of paddling technique and therefore the HyperNut is not really for general and flat water paddling . If you’re a intermediate SUP surfer and become stale in your SUP surfing and looking for a new board to make turning easier it could be a great consideration. However if you catching white water and not really mastering catching unbroken ‘green ‘ waves this board may not be the best option with its limited glide in certain models. It will not appeal to everyone with its butt like curves, but its compact shape and stability will win over many performance minded riders.

8’6 , 8’0, 7’8, 7’4, 7’2 will be available in Wood construction from £1275- £1299 for UK residents… 6’10  and 6’9  are not available for UK riders unless its pre ordered. (8’6 will also be available in Starshot construction at £859)

Please call us to discuss for pre ordering .01792 446511 or email us at [email protected]



  1. I M looking for a 7’8 carbon …?

    • We have a 7’8 carbon in stock …you still after one ?

    • Hi are you still looking for a hiper 7’8 carbón… i am selling mine.


  2. How much for the 8’0 and where can I get one from in wood

  3. Great review Matt – You have got me interested!
    Carbon seems a trifle pricy and I never thought I could be attracted to such an ugly design, but it looks like it works!
    Definitely food for thought, now what can I sell!?

    • Wood or AST is best option in my opinion , I have a few in stock once you sell something to fund it !

  4. Do you know of any second hand 6’10” starboard hypetnut for Sale?

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