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The birth of SUP yoga in Swansea, my journey so far!

Helen Wilson of Womankind Yoga and SUP Yoga Swansea

Living on Swansea Bay, I have always been a keen observer of anything taking to the water

outside my flat. For the last couple of years I enjoyed watching the silhouette of a

paddle boarder or two, gliding along the length of the bay with a sense of peace and


sup yoga swansea

I’ve always been a water baby, grabbing any opportunity possible for a sea swim for as long

as I can recall. Growing up in the Westcountry, I’d also spent many years bodyboarding and

later trying to surf in Devon and Cornwall. And after several years of living in the city, life

next to the sea has now truly taken hold of me.

Last year I launched the Beach Yoga sessions on Swansea Bay, which have grown from

strength to strength this year. As 150 people lay in shavasana (relaxation) on the sand after

one such session in May, I realised there is something very special that happens when people

practice yoga outside, on the beach, on the sand, with the wind, sunshine and fresh air

immersing them.

One of my favourite things to do in the sea is just to lie on my back and float, looking up at

the sky. I’ve often thought about the tranquillity you feel finding stillness above the gentle

beat of the water’s movement. One evening after Beach Yoga, the idea of Paddleboard Yoga

or SUP yoga popped into my mind and refused to go away. I’d been curious about trying

SUP for a while couldn’t believe no one was yet teaching SUP yoga in South Wales. After a

few hours looking at Instagram and other SUP yoga websites, I knew I wanted to do it.

You would have laughed if you’d seen my first couple of SUP lessons with Matt. I certainly

did. I fell off, several times. My legs shook and I felt sea sick, a few moments passed when I

wondered if I was cut out for it. But by my third trip out on a SUP the nerves left my body

and I began to get a taste for just how amazing paddling out around our beautiful coastline

can be. A friend lent me a board and we journeyed from Rotherslade to Caswell and back and

stopped near a sheltered cove and tried some yoga postures. As the sea bobbed below us and I

lay on my back directing a long breath up to the sky – I was hooked.

So what happened then? Matt sold me a board! My Starboard 11’2 x 40″ Astro Yoga Starboard, just

about fitted on the roof of my car. Getting up the stairs into a first floor flat did prove a

problem though!



I’ve had some wonderful, frustrating and valuable learning experiences so far. 1) Don’t try

and pump your board up with a broken pump 2) Make sure your value is ‘up’ before you

pump 3) Make sure your SUP anchor hasn’t fallen into the water as you try and paddle out 3)

Don’t wear sunglasses if there is any chance you might fall off 4) Don’t have a picture taken holding your paddle the wrong way around!!

I work, have a four year old son and run two yoga classes a week, so on this SUP yoga

journey I have to steal any opportunity to get out on the water. As I live on Swansea Bay I

often paddle there as it’s on the doorstep. I don’t always go out in perfect conditions either,

sometimes the tide is half out and it’s a bit choppy but each time I do I learn something and

gain more understanding of how yoga postures on a board work. So far I’ve also taken my

board out down the Tawe River here in Swansea and to several costal and freshwater spots in


I teach Classical Hatha Yoga, where postures are taken mindfully with focus, awareness and

breath. Many of the postures I practice can be transferred directly onto a paddleboard – but

the difference is the unstable surface gets your whole body working much harder. Even the

simplest asana, performed on all fours, requires the engagement of all your muscles down

your legs and arms and right through the core. Each posture requires you to find deeper

balance and stability and a new level of concentration.

Au Fond Du Lac De Guerledan, Brittany

helen of supyogaswansea

River Tawe, Swansea

I’m due to undertake my SUP Safety and Rescue and Foundation Instructor qualifications at

the end of September and I hope to launch Introduction to SUP yoga sessions this Autumn,

with the Sup-Hut. So watch this space and give me a wave if you see me out in the water in

the meantime and would like to know more.

yoga paddleboard swansea

Benefits of SUP yoga

1) Yoga is just fantastic for overall health and wellbeing. It..

 Relaxes the body

 Focuses and clearing the mind

 Improves posture

 Increases flexibility

 Tones and lengthens muscles

 Helps reduce stress and associated problems such as anxiety and depression

2) SUP yoga is more challenging and puts a new perspective on either your current yoga or

SUP practice. The unstable platform creates a different challenge physically, where you have

to engage core strength to keep you grounded and balanced. Even simple postures become

more challenging and you can have loads of fun trying them out!

3) Doing yoga on a paddleboard gives you instant access to a huge, open and peaceful yoga

space. Being surrounded by nature can be incredibly calming and SUP yoga can feel like a

total escape and release from our busy daily lives.

4) It’s great for overall fitness. Paddling out is a great workout and learning trying out yoga

on your paddleboard can bring a totally new and inspiring element to something you already


5) You won’t have to be experienced in either yoga or paddleboarding to give it a go. We are

planning sessions that will teach you to enter the water safely and confidently and guide you

through postures suitable for everybody. Watch this space.

For updates, visit


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