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European stand up paddleboard championships with Andy Dalrymple

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Hey Andy!


1. Hi andy, which discipline will you be entering and how are you feeling about the competition? Im in the technical & long distance races – its all a bit surreal really but I’m really looking forward to the whole event.

2. As someone relatively new to the race scene what inspired you to start competing? I’m quite competitive & I like new challenges – it seemed like a natural progression to go from puttleing around the gower on a whopper to competing in the Euros!  I would have liked a few more races under my belt but thats the way it goes.

swansea sup races

3. what does it mean to you to be representing your country in the Euros? I’ve lived in several countries in my life but Wales is now my home. My family is settled here, we’ve made great friends & I feel privileged to represent the country of my fathers birth.

4. Do you have a regular exercise and nutrition regime at the moment ? Last winter I focussed on strength & stamina in the gym, but as soon as spring appeared I got out surfing & paddling in the waves. I try & vary my training each week – several longer paddles mixed in with shorter more intensive sessions.

Considering my job I probably should have a scientific approach to nutrition…..however I’m fortunate that my wife is an amazing cook & I tend to eat whatever is in front of me!

5. What board and paddle will you be using in France? I’ll be racing on a Starboard Allstar which I feel is a fast board, but if its choppy then I might be dreaming of my faithful Fanatic! My paddle is a Ke nalu Koniki 84 – its a relatively small paddle but good for combating fatigue in the longer distances.

Dalrymple sup

6. How did you get in to stand up paddling and how long have you been doing it?  Jim & I had a go at paddling a few years ago when SUPs first appeared on the Gower. He stuck with it & went on to represent GB but I was focussed on  tri’s & cycling events so didn’t pursue it. A couple of years later I started SUP surfing which I love & then took up racing last year.

7. As you and Jim have just returned from sup surfing in Costa Rica, was it good training? How were the waves?  Every day in CR was like a perfect Gennith day – only with 10x more powerful waves! Apart from breaking boards & being held under at times for worryingly long periods,  it was a brilliant week. Im not sure how much it helped my distance training but it certainly got me stuck into double overhead waves!

8. What are you most looking forward to about the competition?  Being part of a national team is just crazy. Six days of racing against some of the best paddlers in the world, watching the surf SUP contest & hanging out with my mates on a beach in France (& during the Euros)  is pretty tough but someone has to do it!

9. And least?! Having my family there would have been great – but really I just want to give a good account of myself & make them proud.

andy Dalrymple sup

10. Any advice for people wanting to get in to racing?  Its a great sport for all ages.  For younger athletes there are opportunities to excel in a relatively new sport – which may lead to participating in national & international competitions.

 For the older sports man or woman who’s body might have been battered by other sports – its a perfect non-impact sport to prolong an active life style. And for those who prefer a more relaxed approach to life there are few better places to spend a few hours than paddling on open water.

11. What will you be doing mentally and physically to prepare for the competition on the day? I guess once Sean & I have hit the clubs in Lacanau over the weekend – I’ll have a massive bowel of porridge on Monday, take plenty of gels & away we go!

12. What have your kids said about you competing in France?! Do they paddle at all?  I think they see it as more embarrassing dad behaviour – but I hope they are inspired to keep active & enjoy sport – which ever that may be.

They’ve both paddled but I’d encourage then to learn to surf before moving to SUP surfing – cos you can spot the difference between ex-surfers who paddle & those how didn’t (like me).

14. Any race competition aspirations for the future?… The worlds?  Onwards & Upwards Abi….but lets see how the Euros go first!


Thanks and Good luck Andy

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