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Starboard Touring SUP range

starboard 2015 Touring range


Starboard is launching the world premium Touring range with innovative boards from 9’6 – 14’0.
The standing area is slightly recessed for a lower centre of gravity, increasing the stability for the paddler.
The underwater shape is inspired by starboards race boards with a concave mid section and tail release area directing the water to flow under the board smoothly promoting stability.


starboard 2015 Touring

The raked dropped foil nose on all models pierce through chop and the front rocker line is just high enough to catch small bumps and be manageable in downwinders.

The 9’6 & 10’6 Touring models are designed for ease of use , compact touring shapes that work just as good as longer boards but benefit from being easier to manage.

Check out what The SUP HUT team thought of the Touring range on the starboard Dealer meeting in october 2015 Starboard touring board review

The deck pads in the standing area are 4mm thick for extra comfort while the aft pad is 2mm to reduce weight.
All the Touring boards have raked fins to avoid sea weed from catching.These odd looking fins also help the boards track really well – the 9’6 for instance promotes such good tracking you can paddle 6-8 strokes before shifting sides.

Starboard 2015 touring wood construction

Starboard 2015 touring wood construction


Wide tail and huge fin!

Wide tail and huge fin!



The touring boards also have 2 bungy areas for attaching bags and other bits you want to paddle with, there are also 2 dedicated accessory inserts in the front standing area – for a GoPro camera or similar.

The Handles are super comfortable featuring a ledged EVA material making carrying these longer boards more manageable.


The boards come in 4 different constructions starting at the most basic and heavy there is  Starshot – AST electric – Wood – Carbon.

starboard 2015 starshot  blue touring sup

starboard 2015 starshot blue touring sup

If you’re wanting more speed and confidence the 11’6, 12’6 and 14’0 models in carbon will keep up with your race board friends.

The estimated rider weights and volume for each board are as follows

  1. 9’6 –  80kg- 203 litres
  2. 10’6 – 85kg- 227 litres
  3. 11’6 – 90kg- 235 litres
  4. 12’6 x 30″ – 100kg- 249 litres
  5. 12’6 x 31″ – 110kg- 254 litres
  6. 14’0 – 110kg – 249 litres


Carbon construction

Carbon construction


Check out more info on the  STARBOARD 2015 TOURING RANGE




Prices for the 2015 Touring boards are as follows

11’6 x 29.5 in wood @£1349, 11’6 x 29.5 in AST @£1249.

10’6 x 29.5 in Starshot Blue £899 , 10’6 x 29.5 in AST £1199



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  1. Hi I will give starboard they seem more than happy to play around with the shapes of their designs. I have a 12.6 touring inflatable and that is quite a normal design the new wooden touring you show here shows no resemblance at all to what I have. I suppose though if you are looking at stability and the ability to carry different amounts of kit along with you then the design is definately a step forward.

    Really interesting Barry

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