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Starboard Carbon Enduro Paddle

Starboard Enduro Carbon Surf Paddle 12/10/2014

Written by The SUP Hut shop rider Emily King

I just got my hands on a Starboard Enduro Carbon with a premium flex

round shaft and 76″Sq paddle face….what do I think having taken it out


The is an extremely light paddle, I’m 5’5” and found it to be quick and

really light to swap hands when paddling. It felt very balanced and

comfortable in either hand. The shaft is a non-slip design which feels very

smooth and easy to move your hands up and down on, so no slipping and

overbalancing when leaning on or putting the power down.

The catch seemed really easy on this paddle with the blade size being

small enough to stab in close to the board rail. Equally taking the paddle

out of the water seemed very quick with no suction from the water on the

blade, making it easy to create lots of power in my short sprint paddle

strokes to take me onto 2’ waves on a 7’5” board. Paddling out through

the surf seemed quick and easy too. There was no tightening around my

shoulder from using this paddle, even though I stayed out for two hours.

Overall I rate this to be a really user friendly paddle, light, quick and able

to perform with ease. Although priced at the higher end, I really do think

you are getting a class-leading SUP Surf paddle that works hard for you in

your hands.

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