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Quickblade V drive


So’ve heard the hype or just stumbled across this new Quickblade paddle …regardless you should herald the start of new innovation within the paddle sport community .
The Quickblade V drive paddle concept was created and shaped by legendary Waterman Dave Kalama.
Its design features a unique scooped V section that’s edges create a double dihedral for enhanced stability during the power application.
The results offer a very stable yet effective power phase with an effortless exit great for either catching waves, racing or touring.
So…there is the marketing spiel by QB but how good is this new Paddle blade concept ?


The SUP Hut set out to test the Quickblade V drive in comparison with another branded paddle with a very similar blade size but featuring a single dihedral.
Using a 12’6 race board to start with over a 100m sprint there was a noticable difference in torque with the branded paddle, this was noticed to make this paddle flutter slightly.
The V drive was then tested over the same 100m sprint,the V drive paddle seemed slightly more stable in stroke effort, which over a 100 metre sprint meant less fatigue was felt using the V drive paddle.

Whether you feel it or not there is definitely something going on with the ‘V drive’ concept to make the paddle work in your favour.
The rolling moment created by a flat or single Dihedral blade tends to roll the paddle back and forth creating blade flutter, more dihedral or in the V drive’ case ‘double dihedral’ levels the direction of power more strongly.The blades double Dihedral seems to help the paddle stay held on its vertical axis, meaning more efficiency and less rolling oscillation which causes flutter in every part of the stroke.

So in summary if you are really into your Stand up paddling and want to save on effort and energy you’re going to have to start saving for a new Paddle.

The V drive is now available in 3 sizes

V81 – 81 sq/in – small
V91 – 91 sq/in – medium
V101 – 101 Sq/in – large

Here is a recent review –

Quick Blade V DRIVE 12/10/2014 – Emily King

So after race paddling with a carbon Quick Blade V Drive what’s my

My current race paddle is a 91 inch V drive carbon paddle round tapered shaft.

I have to say that when I was looking for a paddle, performance was very high on my priority list, this has not failed to deliver.

This paddle has a really good angle which connects with the water fast on

the catch. The V shape (as it is so called) helps the water to push back

fast without feeling any ‘wobble’, giving me a straight quick powerful

movement to bring the board through the water. Bringing the blade out

and forwards feels very light and easy, even in strong head winds.

I like the feel of the round shaft and my fingers sit comfortably around

it, seeming to not cause any pressure points on my hands. The shaft has

a good amount of flex making it ideal to paddle for long periods without

injury. The handle is ergonomic and easy to push on, so put together,

equals comfy and not painful long distance paddles.

Overall this is an outstanding distance and race paddle. I feel it has really

help me to progress my paddling and my technique. The proof is in the

pudding as they say, and if your not sure, come and see the medals I

won with it!


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  1. Choosing a paddle can seem a daunting task, hundreds out there tells you that their paddle; is lighter and stronger than any other, catches better than the other and so on. Not surprisingly you may get tired of looking for something that suits your expectations ending up buying something to quit those voices in head.
    Being a novice at race paddling I could be fooled easily altough, I believe I do have bought the right paddle.
    My paddle of choice is a Quickblade V drive 91, oval shaft.
    Price tag is in the high end, although ugh I have seen other paddle with even an higher price tag which in my opinion is unjustified.
    The V drive comes with a tapered shaft helping putting the flex in all right places, even an oval shaft where you expect your shoulder to hurt after long paddles, this does not happen. The flex and reflex of the shaft are awesome, the tickness of the shaft makes a comfortable grip, (comimg from a Starboard enduro) it seems to lock in my hand.
    The blade is really simply cleaver, it is cut at 45 degree where it glues to the shaft so perfectly straight paddle and shaft, with almost no flex in the blade the energy gets transfered to the shaft making it flex, the catch is excellent with the tip of the blade slighlty curved and the ABS plastic edge slightly at an angle makes for a super silent catch disturbing water as little as possible, compared to the Starboard Enduro it seem much easier to burrie the paddle much deeper at the catch where it helps me generatimg more power through the pulling phase.
    Regarding the V in the blade it works wonders, as my top hand does need to squeeze harder to control that wobble that you get with other designs, a really benificial advantage especially on those endurance races where lactic acid build up its always an issue.There is no wobble here, just dip the paddle deep, pull yourself past it and you can generate a lot of clean power.
    I have bought this paddle with flatwater race in mind, having used it in the surf and long downwinders the outcome was surprising even with an oval shaft a very versatile paddle.
    Now the question comes natural: Does it make you a faster paddle? My answer would be perhaps altough I am sure it made me a better paddler.

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