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Progression SUP moves

Some great performance Paddle surfing going down in Hawaii at the moment from both the Ladies and Mens.

Following on from his incredible performance back at the Ubatuba Pro Brazil in 2012, Mo Freitas (Body Glove / Focus) put on another clinic of North Shore rail to rail power surfing as he ripped his way into 2nd place in a star studded youth Final.

His style is very Powerful and it all starts from his bottom turn , if you look at the compression he is putting through his knees and shoulders in this pic you’ll start to understand how some people get more radical on their SUP’s

With this compression he is able to absorb more wave energy and speed from his bottom turn which translates in more speed to come vertically up the face to hit the lip.

In the picture below you will see Benoit Carpentier hitting the lip vertically which means the power of the lip is pushing him out and his skill, balance and timing has enabled him to bring his knees under him to absorb this explosive power.

So , do you want to get more POWER in your SUP surfing ! start using your legs and shoulders more and try and accentuate each manoeuvre.

Have a good weekend and Happy Paddling all !


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