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Thanks to ‘Mark Underwood’ for this Review of the 12’6 SHERPA

I managed to take the sherpa 12`6” out for a paddle up the Yealm river from wembury beach with friends recently.
it was a good testing ground for the sherpa to be pitted against rival brands of the same length and type; something i feel to be invaluable for getting a feel of how the sherpa `shapes up`.
what i noticed initially to the sherpas credit, was how it sits on the water .it`s displacement seemed to suit my 12 and a half stone frame neatly (no high freeboard).on similar lines,i liked the nose volume and narrow cutting bow ,both of which allow upwind paddling to be less of a drag.
other touring sups,in my humble opinion, can suffer from high overly rockered noses and high sides which is a bind upwind and one of the major reasons for opting for the sherpa.
the sherpas width indicates a board designed for touring and ease of use for most just over 31” wide it provides an easy platform for most people in most conditions. this was a consideration `must` in light of the fact that it will be used by my partner, a relative novice to supping.
we took it easy paddling to `the swan` pub in noss mayo so there was not much of an indication of performance in comparison,which was made up for on the return journey fuelled by a flagon of cider!
we took off at a high paddle rate,against the tide and 2to 3knots of breeze in what was developing into an impromptu ,unspoken race back to the beach(something of which i`m sure can be attributed to the males of the species, always ready to test ourselves against our peers)!
all i can say is that i kept up with my mates who were on narrower more racy sups and it felt great.i eventually pulled ahead using the `ole hug the riverbank to evade the tidal rush` ploy to gain an unassailable advantage .check mate.
they paid well over a grand for their sups , and i paid £625 from matt at the sup hut in swansea……………back of the net


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