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Neal Gent – 8’4 Painy review

Neal Gent – Ex BSUPA NATIONAL Champion & one of our GONG SUP UK AMBASSADORS reviews the GONG SUP 8’4 Painy Stand up paddle surf board

The 8’4 Painy feels a little small to start with because unlike every other production board i’ve ridden it has a proper drawn out thin tail. This means you do have to be careful about where you put your weight (a little forward of the handle) and keep it forward as you paddle out, but this makes spinning for a wave really easy. Once you’re on a wave though, the tail shape of the board just means it essentially feels like a short board. I instantly found I could get more vertical turns and get away with much later hits than on bigger boards, it just doesn’t seem to get hung up at all. It gets into a waves easily, although you do have take into account more row effect. What impressed me most, was how versatile the board is. I’ve used it so far in, overhead on a reef, double overhead on a beachy, and in really little beach break mushy stuff. In all these conditions you obviously have to adjust a little to how you ride, but the Painy seems to offer more performance compared to bigger boards on all these days. What i really like was how comfortable it felt in really steep sections and late drops-it just lets you position right in the pocket with ease which in turn makes your riding that little more progressive.
so perhaps not a board for those just starting out in waves unless they’re light, but for anyone who wants a little more performance than the production norm for a price less than any other brand, This is a great board!

See more info on the GONG 8’4 Painy Here …We have 1 left in stock prices at £649

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