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In true GONG fashion …may I present you with the 2012 GONG ‘Panther’ race SUP board line.

The noses are similar to those of Sherpa 2012- the cheaper option: they are BOW noses to help water to drain off and not nose dive in chop.
Bottom shape features flat to Vee , no concaves and relatively flat rockers …no moroccan slippers !

The Rage Ocean line has a vertical facet of 2cm to push through chop and drain water off the deck to keep drag to a minimum.

The board dynamics are light full carbon no fiberglass or wood.
The price is quite high but at a fraction of the price of full Carbon boards from other brands.

The BOARD hulls are white and feature two Goretex Vent screws on the bridge so They can be left on the beach.

Prices are

12’6 -£1499
14′ – £1599

To pre order please CALL 01792 367453

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