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The ShortSUPs: You may think why do I want to ride a 6ft SUP when I can surf my ordinary shortboard, well its all about different sensations and SUP’s do give you a different perspective on riding waves. Patrice aka (GONG) has been prototyping 4′ + SUP’s for a few years now, and felt the sport was ready for this jump into sub 7ft stand up paddle boards. So he bit the bullet and basically made a lineup of less-than 7’ft ShortSUP ‘s. In searching for these pure surf feel Short SUP’s a plethora of longer ‘PURE’ surf feel SUP’s were also produced.

The technique to be able to ride Short SUPs the same length as a surfboard however, is completely different depending on the boards specification. See my explanation of the technique at: (original by Coolas)

The shapes are now done and they should be available in 2011 here is the full 2011 lineup explained- (credit coolas)

ShortSup range
5’9″ 5’11” “fish” for small waves
6’3″ 6’4″ performance ShortSUPs
6’6″ narrower tail, for more carving. The most technical board of the range
6’8″ wider, easier to learn the technique on
6’9″ 6’11” “wombats”. low rocker, 50/50 longboard rails in front, speed bullets
7’2″ 7’4″ Eggs, easier than pure ShortSUPs, more glide & good carving
8’0″ Alaia, a finless board! (3 fin boxes just  in case)

Author with the 6’6 Fatal
Longboard range:
9’0″ 9’9″ modern very aggressive and fast (low rocker). Extremely thin rails.
9’6″ “1960 style board with 50/50 rails.
10’10” easier “Laird-like” board. Still ultra thin but with more rocker.

Curve range : lots of rocker, pulled in thin nose and tails, loves hollow waves
7’6″ 8’9″ 9’4″ 10’5″

4×4 range : a longboard rocker for speed on flat waves, but wth nose rocker and pulled in nose and tails for versatility. The all around boards
8’6″ special model, max glide, nose rides, horizontal turns
9’10” 10’11”

Everywhere range:wide boards (37″) for beginners. 7’9″ 9’3″ 10’2″
the 7’9″ is really fun even for experts

The 12′ NFA is the classic Gong board revisited (wider, less volume)

12’6″ race is an open-water  race & downwind board
12’6 invader is a mix flat / surf shape (big wave)
12’6″ sherpa is a stable platform for trekking & distance

12’6 invader
& The best thing about all of these boards is – they start from 499 euros !!(5’9-6’11)
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