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The GONG 2012 Bamby line

 Check GONGSUP 2012 board synopsis ABOVE

Surf SERIES SUP – 10ft

The SURF series stand up paddleboards sold like hotcakes this summer. A new vision to drop the price of stand up boards worldwide and get people paddling succeeded. Here’s the lowdown on my experience with the 10ft version

At first I was hesitant to take out the heavy pop out feeling board into the surf. Their templates are not that exciting to look at, but the 10ft has by far the best shape of the 10, 11, 10’6 and 11’6 available.

Suprised !  The board actually feels very stable and has some glide to it in flat water. The weight seems to help in choppy conditions and the generous double concave through the bottom of the board helps the board create lift once you’re surfing. It’s  a great noserider believe it or not and although the weight is a problem when you want to throw the board around , its great in blown out windy conditions where a bit of weight is not a negative.

To make the board a little more responsive and performance orientated I changed both the side and back fins to stiffer versions ,as the  side set the board comes sold with are quite flexi and the back fin is very large.  For the beginner to intermediate paddler these fins are  great , but the board can perform better when these are changed.

The construction is ok , if the board is dropped the gelcoat tends to crack on the rails which does not make the board take on water , but it does aesthetically ruin the board a bit.

In conclusion a great board for the first time paddler  in flat water and a board which will suprise you in the surf. A cheap no THRILLS sup of the year which will keep most happy until they’re wanting some performance !

Stability ***

Paddling **

Waves ***

Quick blade paddles

NEW  DROPS SUP board reviews & photos soon – 8’10’ 8’11 & 10’11

Mistral 11’1 wave SUP

This board is great value for money and another board ideal for the first time buyer. The board has a good deal of volume and a great template suited to waves but also performs as a flat water paddler. The board is stable and quick to turn, the rounded pintail increases its responsiveness, The board flexes underfoot which helps in choppy conditions and is great at catching mushy waves as tested out ‘Port eynon’ Gower the other day.

A 3 quarter length deckpad makes waxing only necessary on the nose, in all a great first stand up which will take you eventually onto something Smaller

Mistral stand up paddleboard

KIALOA SUP paddles

What size should your SUP paddle be ?

Surf Paddle Sizing Information, height above paddler :

6-7″ if you hope to spend most of your time in the surf

8-9″ if you are unsure

9-10″ if you are mainly paddling in flat water with some surf use

Your Height : Paddle Length

5’0”-5’2”  68″-70”paddle length

5’2”-5’4” 70″-72”

5’4”-5’6” 72″-74″

5’6”-5’8” 74″-76″

5’8″-5’10” 76″-78″

5’10”-6’0″ 78″-80″

6’0”-6’2” 80″-82″

6’2”-6’4” 82″-84″

6’4″-6’6″ 84″-86″

Kioloa paddles

New stuff

We will be reviewing Stand up paddleboards and all associated equipment including – Paddles,Leashes, Fins, Impact vests, Camel packs, Waterproof mp3 players, bags, carrying devices and much more!

I have put together a brief Review of the boards I have owned or tried out to make things easier for you when you decide to buy one

SUP Accessories

Stand up accessories- Power ball reviewpowerball , powerball sup trainer

Powerball is a dynamic and completely revolutionary new gyroscope that literally explodes with mind numbing torque and inertia once you activate its internal rotor. It’s about the same size as a tennis ball and weighs just a little more, but take a Powerball in your hand, set that rotor in motion with the cord provided and you’ll experience an extraordinary sensation! It can reach speeds in excess of 15,000rpm. One of the coolest & most addictive new product’s, available in several different models with lights and rev counters. Great fun and an awesome way to build your paddle: hand and forearm strength while watching the telly.

Buy it here

powerball , powerball sup trainer

Fish eye cameras

Fancy a cool camera for your stand up paddleboarding shots

The Original Fisheye camera only flipped its way into our lives in 2005, but it is difficult now to imagine life without its ‘in-yer-face’ Fisheye barrel distortion. The Fisheye phenomena has swept the globe and got us all hooked. The Fisheye was the first 35mm camera in the world to be produced with a built-in Fisheye lens. Its 180-degree view lens gives a new definition to the word wide. That’s one of the reasons the Fisheye is the best candidate for underwater shenanigans. The Fisheye lens captures the 180-degree view, and then its barrel shape sucks everything up to give that freaked out circular distortion. Other underwater cameras that lack the Fisheye’s amazing depth of field have problems to focus. Not the Fisheye! It’s exactly this feature that helps both the target and background stay sharp. It rocks a built-in flash and its gorgeous lens creates awesome colours. It’s the classic Fisheye experience!

Then there is the Fisheye 2! This bad boy has all the features of its older bro and then some. The product of deep and meaningful feedback sessions with Fisheye afficionados, Number 2 takes Fisheye to another level. Complete with a bulb settling for long exposures and a magic switch for multiple exposures on one frame, you might think that would be enough. Hell No! In addition to the Fisheye 1’s built-in flash, Number 2 has the ability to fire from a hotshoe flash as well. Oh. Did I forget to mention the true Fisheye Viewfinder

fish eye cameras

fish eye camera

Paddle guard

SUP gower can now provide you with the perfect durable paddle guard for your SUP paddle

Adhesive paddle guardstand up paddleboard paddle guard

They are easy to fit to a carbon paddle blade if you have a wall paint heat gun, simply heat the strip up and mold to the paddle blade (minding the glue which can get very hot)

We have a few paddle guards in stock now, so if you need one go onto the shop Buy it here

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