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Boards for biggies

Stand up boards for biggies.

So you’ve had the hook into the sport and you’re looking to continue the new found passion on the water.
There is lots of choice but not without careful consideration as being a heavier paddler you could purchase a board which may not keep you smiling even if the price does at the start .

Choosing a SUP board for a heavier rider is about what kind of experience you’re after .

Stable and comfortable you will be requiring a wider board
Fast and challenging you’ll be wanting a trade off stability for speed in a narrower board
Volume will also bear an important factor for the bigger paddler.

Here at The SUP HUT we pride ourselves on suiting the best board & Paddle for your needs.


Inflatable boards

A wider board for a heavier rider (100kg+) would be in the 34-40” wide range.
There will be a compromise for speed in this width range as water will have to pass around the board and will do so slower on a wider board , think tug boat versus Yacht !
Ideally the board will want some thickness for a heavier paddler too , around 5-6 inch thickness.

Hard – composite boards

Hard boards are generally more stable than their inflatable cousins for heavier riders so start by looking for boards 33” wide to start.
Volume of the board measured in litres is key to purchasing a board which will reflect a stable ride. So start by doubling your weight in KG to reach a number (100kg x 2 = 200 Litres )

Here we look at some boards suitable for heavier riders

Starboard Vision 11’2 Inflatable available now at 2018 Starboard 11’2 vision

Starboard Vision 11’2 Inflatable











130kg + no problem! The Starboard 2018 Vision  board is available in deluxe technology which means it’s super stiff when pumped up but stills packs into a bag when deflated !

Its also got a viewing window recessed into the board which makes it perfect for viewing the bottom , keeping your beers cold or stashing your fishing haul!







Starboard Atlas or Avanti hard board


12’0 Atlas & Atlas Extra

• The entry-level board for all aspects of the sport providing a stable platform for the heavy rider or multiple riders.
• One of our best selling boards due to its versatility for many riders and conditions.
• The 33” 12’0 Atlas width offers a stable platform for entry-level paddlers up to 115kg.

• The 36” Extra width in the Atlas Extra means this board is made for heavier people



Starboard Atlas Extra


Starboard Avanti

• 11’2” creates fast glide for flat water cruising and easy entry into waves.
• 36” provides extreme stability for heavier or multiple riders up to 130kg.

Starboard Avanti

2018 Starboard Atlas 12 x 36  Extra models from £1265 (board only) we have some 2016 models here

2018 Starboard Avanti ASAP construction £1049 (other board construction prices may vary)

2018 Starboard 11’2 Vision £1249 (packaged with board, bag & pump)

Other models available …please CALL 01792 446511

Fanatic Fly hard board or Fly Air inflatable

The hard composite Fanatic boards feature a Flat deck with volume pulled out to the rails for stability the 11’2 is the biggest in their range and has 34″ width and 234 Litres of volume. The Fanatic Inflatable range offer a 10’8 x 34  in a stunning orange colour way or why not double the fun on their 16ft long Fanatic Tandem Air

Fanatic 10’8 £969 (packaged with board, bag & pump)

Fanatic 16ft Tandem £1499 (packaged with board, bag & pump)

Fanatic Fly 11’2 £1099 (board only)


Fanatic 16ft Tandem

Fanatic Fly Inflatable 10’8


Check out a 11’2 Fly hard board we have on offer


Red Paddle Co Ride series or Ride L or XL Inflatables

The Red Paddle co range is based on Inflatables and they have a Fantastic range of Premium product . Heavier paddlers will be looking at the 10’8 x 34 and possibly even the Ride L which is 14ft in length and a massive 47″ in width ( well over a metre wide) !

Red Paddle Co Ride series

2018 Red 10’8 £899 (packaged with board, paddle , bag, pump and leash)

2018 Red Ride L £2699 (packaged with board,  4 x paddle , bag, pump and leash)

JP Adventure Air

If getting places and adventure are best suited to your desires be it windsurfing , fishing, white water paddling or general paddling the JP Australia Adventure Air boasts a massive 405 litres of volume and do it all features.

JP Adventure Air

JP Adventure Air £1249 (packaged with board, fins, bag & pump)

Lokahi Enjoy

The Lokahi Enjoy Air 14 ft are marketed as the best price for quality Multiple person inflatable boards on the market. Lokahi’s philosophy and objective is to give as many people as possible the opportunity to practice stand up paddle boarding and on the same board . For that reason they have developed the Enjoy Air series inflatable stand up paddle board range.


We will have these available by April 2018 priced at a very competitive £999 for board plus 2 paddles and bag/ pump etc


If you have any questions or would like to order one of the boards featured in this article please get in touch for a BOARD consultation.

Call us on 01792 446511  

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