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European stand up paddleboard championships with Ollie Laddiman


We interview Ollie Laddiman – Man number 2 competing for Wales in the upcoming European stand up paddleboard championships in Lacanau.

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1. Ollie..which discipline will you be entering and how are you feeling about the competition?

I will be competing in the surf side of the sport. To be honest I’m pretty nervous. Never competed in such a large event!

2. As you enter lots of competitions in the UK, what have you learnt About preparing for a competition ?

I’ve had lots of tips and advice but always fluffed it in the heat.. Nerves always get the better of me

3. What does it mean to you to be representing your country in the Euros?

It’s unbelievable! Two years ago I told myself in 5 years I aim to make it into the ISA competition. Here I am on my way!

4. Do you have a regular exercise and nutrition regime at the moment ?

Umm, no. I am planning to do some training so I should probably get on with that! Less than a week to go!

5. What board and paddle will you be using in France?

If it glassy I’ll be on my 6’10×25″ Escape custom SUP. I’ve had this one for quite a while now and it’s getting pretty small, so I’ll be bringing a backup board a 7’6×28″ Escape custom being paddled with a Loco pro paddle.

olli laddiman-sup paddler

6. How did you get in to stand up paddling and how long have you been doing it?

One of my dad’s mates bought one to have a go, we bought his old board off him. After being fairly unimpressed for a few months, I had a go on it in the middle of summer with some tiny waves. Haven’t stopped since 5 years down the road.

7. Favourite sup holiday destination and why?

It has to be Fuerteventura. Majanicho is such a fun wave! Peels right for ages, plus it’s warm. What more could you want?

8. What are you most looking forward to about the competition?

Just the experience of being with some of Europe’s best! Seeing the way everyone surf and competes in the conditions we get.

9. And least?!

Getting knocked out in my first heat!

10. Any advice for people wanting to get in to paddlesurfing

Wait until a calm day in summer to have your first go. There’s no point going out in a windy cold day to have your first go. Rent some stuff out first too. Don’t go straight to buy a board before deciding if you like the sport or not!

olli laddiman-sup

11. Which is your favourite beach to surf?

Locally, whichever one is working best! Out of all the beaches I’ve surfed it would have to be Marwick Bay on Orkney. It hasn’t got any sand, but it’s got an amazing wave!

12. As you surf regularly with your dad.. Who pushes who these days?

It’s a bit of both! We both push each other to get better every session. Looks like it’s worked..

13. What will you be doing mentally and physically to prepare for the competition on the day?

Trying to keep calm! The standard of Europe is incredible, it will be interesting to compete against people who get waves nearly every day!

14. What’s next for you competition wise in the future?

Get on the podium in the British Nationals. One day… One day..

paddlersurfer- ollie laddiman

15. Who’s sup surfing are you most inspired by and why?

All of the top guys really. Anybody who is pushing the sport foreword.

16. How do you juggle school work and training ? Any tips ?

I don’t think I’d be great to advise on that. If there’s surf school work goes out the window


Ta Olli – best of luck Mush from The SUP Hut 

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