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Emily ‘King’ of SUP

Emily King SUP paddler

Emily King SUP paddler

The SUP HUT caught up with its team rider Emily King, who’s also now sponsored by Starboard to learn more of her achievements in 2014, goals for 2015 and how she maintains her fitness through the winter. Being relatively new to paddle boarding Emily has achieved a tremendous amount on the 2014 race scene and has been a regular at the UK SUP club series, the frost bite series and is always seen training hard on the beaches in the Gower.

When and what first inspired you to start paddle boarding and subsequently racing?
I first started SUP as a way of getting over my fear of big waves when surfing…I hated having to drop down the face of a wave prone style and thought that SUP would solve that problem…it did…then I
fell for the sport big time….my passion for distance paddling started when I joined in at a local 6km race on Swansea bay, a friend lent me her race board and I was off! I then brought my first Race
board in January 2014 and I haven’t looked back since!!

What is it you most enjoy about paddle boarding?
Paddling brings so many things to my life, it’s given me confidence, friendship, fitness, travel…. I love
being on the water most days, I feel so privileged living on Gower and being able to paddle in so
many amazing places.

What are your biggest achievements for 2014?
Gosh, I find that quite a hard question to answer…. I am SUPER pleased that I have done so well in
my first year!!! I try to paddle every race against myself and do the very best I can…. if I can come away knowing that I’ve tried my hardest and learnt what I can I will feel very proud of my
achievement!!.. I still can’t quite believe that I’m doing all of this!!

Can you tell us a bit more about the equipment you use?
I ride a 25.5 Starboard Allstar SUP raceboard and I race with a Quick Blade V Drive paddle. The Starboard performs really well on both flat and ocean… I really love taking it out and riding little waves on it too!! My paddle feels great and I haven’t ever had any injuries or stress points from paddling with it even on the Ultra distance races.
Are you changing your race board for 2015?
I am not going to change my AllStar for ocean racing but I am adding to my quiver with a new board for flat racing… It’s the 2015 Starboard Sprint which has a whole new hull design system…I’m very excited as it is supposed to be super fast!!!.
And fantastic news being sponsored by Starboard, what an achievement in such a short space of time?
Yes, as I said earlier I really can’t quite believe its happening…. I’m really looking forward to their support and being on the same team as the UK top woman rider Marie Buchannan…wow what a role model!!
When is your next race?
I’m competing in two races series over the winter…. the next is in February at Bouremouth. Lets
hope that the weather is kind over the rest of the winter so I can get plenty of water time.

What are your competition plans for 2015 and your ultimate goal?
Competition wise next year I want to carry on gaining experience and get too as may races as
possible. There are lots of really good races that I want to compete in alongside the UK SUP Club Series.
Ultimately I would love to get to the world Championships!!! I’ll also give a SUP Triathlon a go!!

How do you plan to maintain your fitness through the winter months?
Training doesn’t really change for me, I get as much quality time on the water as I can…. I also run
with my dog Robbie…. I do some strength training and pull ups at home or at the gym on most days.
I’m going to start cycling instead of taking a car as my new years resolution too…. ummm how to fit a race board on a bike??

It’s quite a time commitment to compete in the whole race series; it’s lucky your husband Alan is
also a keen paddler! How important is it for you having the support of friends and family on the
competition circuit?

I know it’s a cliché but I really couldn’t do it without them… I’m so lucky to have such an amazing set of friends and family around me who all inspire me daily….
What advice would you give to others aspiring to start paddling or getting in to the racing side of

Go for it…. it’s up to you to set your goals…if your trying it for the first time I can guarantee you’ll love it! If your going to race, try not to think in big blocks but set your goals weekly and every couple of months… keep paddling to keep improving and get more experience in the areas you need to improve on, you can race on any board and its good to try all sorts but if you want to do your best,beg, steal or buy a race board…. it was a game changer for me! It’s also great for touring on!!! Oh and of course riding it as a long board on those smaller waves!! Above all take a chance and don’t be afraid to get it wrong, you’ll only ever learn from it and get it better!!
I’m always happy to help and train with people so give me a shout, I know Matt’s door is always open too…. and boy have I used it!! XXX

Thanks Emily and best of Luck for 2015 Season.

If you’re keen to see what SUP Racing is about …book an intro to SUP racing session with us,We’ll show you some race specific equipment and go for a short/ longer recreational paddle so you can find you Rhythm on a race board.
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