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Starboard riders review

Gary Gravell – One of The SUP HUT’s starboard ambassador’s reviews 3 of the more popular Paddle surfing models.
The starboard 8’10 x 32 widepoint (2013 model)
(which I’ve been using for the last 9 months)
The starboard pocket rocket 8’5 x 30 (2014 model)
The starboard airborn 7’10 x 31.5 (2014 model)
Yesterday we were blessed with clean 2ft plus waves and no wind at Burry port, so I had a chance to play with these 3 boards. I weigh in at 82kg and have been stand up paddle surfing for a while.
8’10 WP I have had this SUP board for 9 months and its served me well,It surfs good is very stable in windy and choppy surf but a little corky for my weight.
If I was about 90kg+ this board would rip, so it would be good for someone with more weight or someone who is starting SUP surfing and looking to go shorter without compromising stability – its a great confidence boosting board.

8’5 PR Pocket rocketMy first paddle session out on the pocket Rocket was awesome, this thing shreds ! The wider nose helps you have the stability to lay down lots of paddle power for early take offs and the Narrower tail makes tight turns easy, Im loving it and this is my ‘Go to’ board in the majority of conditions.
The SB Pocket Rocket is much more suited to my weight and not as corky as the 8’10 WP. I think this board will be good for up to a 85kg rider ,maybe a bit more.



7’10 Airborn It was a bit unstable at first but after a few minutes I had found the correct stance to paddle out through the surf which was really easy. The nose pierces through the whitewash and the rocker line is quite flat so it picks up speed quickly. There was a bit more work to do before I figured this board out, standing waiting for waves there was water running over the deck. The rail profile is a lot lower than on SUP’s I have tried in the past and I suppose this contributed to this, but once on a wave, Brilliant! absolutely loved it, anywhere your head turns the board rides like a short surf board!
Its a quad (4) +1 set up so you can mess around with changing the fins into different configurations.
The 7’10 x 31 Airborn is a good fun board for small waves but it wouldn’t be my (go to board) for all conditions but would be great as a smaller alternative for cleaner days.

Thanks Gary !

Carbon Airborn version !

As for the new handles on the 2014 starboard SUP’s they are super comfy and you can carry the board for longer distances!

Board volumes
8’10 x 32 – 142 Litres ‘Wide-point’
8’5 x 30 – 130 Litres ‘Pocket rocket’
7’10 x 31.5 – 98 Litres ‘Airborn’

starboard stand up paddleboards

If you’re interested in any of the STARBOARD 2014 SUP range get in touch with us at THESUPHUT and we’ll help you decide on the best board for you – CALL US ON 01792 446511

starboard 2014 SUP range

  1. Hi there guys!
    I am looking to get a sup for wave riding only really, I am currently surfing a 5’10 Al merrick. Been sup surfing on my friends bic board, it is 9’0 x 30. I find it really easy to stay up all the time when paddling and wave riding, I am struggling to turn it as I only weigh around 10 stone, I am 6’2 tall (a bean pole in other words) looking for a starboard but undecided on size. My fav is the airborn basis on the fact I am very biased to a fish board ;) haha any advice would be great.
    Kind regards and thanks in advance. Tom

    • Hi Tom,

      Maybe give us a call in the shop to discuss some options

      01792 446511


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