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Stand up Paddle Waist packs

Stand up paddling waist packs

Stand up paddling is opening up many different parts of water to people. Everyone can enjoy SUP paddling on lakes , rivers and oceans.
You may like the freedom of only Paddling with what you are wearing, if you even like paddling with anything on!
However on longer paddles it is essential to take fluids to keep yourself hydrated and sometimes some form of communication and food is needed as a precaution , just incase you get into a sticky situation. Carrying these items can compromise your paddling.
Stand Up Paddle waist bags leave your upper body free to find your best Paddle stroke allowing you full freedom of motion in your torso.
SUP Gower thought we would review the waist packs and bags we sell for Stand Up Paddling

Some of these Waist packs allow you to take other items which may need protection from the elements such as a mobile phone or your car keys – whilst some paddling waist packs are designed for purpose – lightweight and only with Liquid/ drinks holders for your hydration.
Here are a few models with our star ratings

Waterproof Waist Pack
Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 18.03.46

This fully waterproof waist belt is perfect for long SUP Paddles where you may need to take a phone or your car keys with you, it’s waterproof enough to avoid water leaking into the pack on quick submersions, but if you dive down below the surface for longer than a few seconds it can leak a small amount. But this SUP waist pack is the most waterproof on test !

Perfect for small items and Hydration on distance or touring paddle boarding sessions.

Waterproof Waist Pack AVAILABLE HERE
Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 18.03.54

This stylish waist pack will appeal to the more fashion conscious Paddler. It has two compartments for water or energy drinks and elastic loops for securing 1/2/3/4/5 Energy bars or Gel !
Two bottle holders / easy access
Extra light construction
Improved and comfortable ergonomy
a small Mesh pocket
Rubber band for cereal bars
Elastic belt for securing to the body , light and flexible
ION WAIST BAG (SUP) available here

ION sup waist pack bag
Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 18.04.00
ion stand up paddling  waist pack
A Functional waist belt to carry 2 drinking bottles, and car-keys on your touring paddles – note their is no waterproof pocket or section in this waist pack !
Elastic neoprene belt with webbing secure strap for comfort.
Two mesh pockets and a zip pocket for waterproof keys or some sunscreen
Available HERE and ON OFFER !

Waterproof Phone case
Screen Shot 2013-11-20 at 18.03.46
Compatible with all iPhones and similar models, the OverBoard Waterproof iPhone Case is guaranteed submersible to 19ft / 6m, meaning you can drop it in the water without losing your rag, which could be a good addition to some of these waist packs.
This waterproof case could also be used for keys or anything which is at risk from perishing by getting wet.


Available HERE

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