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9’0 vs 9’1 GONG Board Comparisons

With the 2012 GONG SUP boards getting a lot of interest of the past few weeks, I thought I would draw some caparisons against two very similar boards in the Bamby bamboo range the ‘9ft NFA’ and the 9’1 ‘ASYL’
The Bamby line from GONG-SUP this year has received great remarks from those who have had a board delivered already and are using them. A fantastic construction featuring a 25kg/m3 blank epoxy laminated with and a 300kg/m3 bamboo sheet and Dyna fiber for a dynamic, supple board which is VERY lightweight and strong.

We will start with the NFA range

The NFA (No Friend Attitude) range is a concept aimed for all people: big, small experienced or beginner. The board line features 9ft,10ft,11ft & 12ft boards offering a stylish mix of ultimate wave catching /crossover flat water paddling boards every surfer should have in their quiver. There is a size to suit all levels and styles of riding from the compact 9ft NFA through to the longboard style 11 & 12ft NFA models.

The NFA 9’0 x 30 11/16 x 4 1/2 -130 litres is a dedicated surfing model without embellishments.If you own a surfboard or longboard and fancy getting into SUP this board offers 100% style to your riding and features a Longboard rocker line low and fast.
The boards width at 30″ is situated forward of the centre of point of the board making the 9ft model give ultimate stability but a traditional longboard characteristic, combining a dome deck with its low volume rails.

The NFA 9′ is mounted with a tri fin 2 + 1 fin setup for a traditional style smooth and clean wave entry and performance.

We now look at the 4×4 GONG range of which the 9’1 is a family member

The 4×4 Range is produced for people looking for a performance board, even if you don’t always have time to get out in the best conditions.This range features flatter rocker lines which make these boards very fast in mediocre windy/ choppy lumpy conditions.The boards are still performance based in cleaner conditions but volume and rails have been kept fuller to allow more ease of use for people looking for a “speed switch” in a variety of wave types.

The 9’1 x 30 7/8 x 4 3/16 – 140 litres ‘Asyl’ in comparison is a very modern and spirited board which can be made to surf in all directions. Its widest point is more traditional set at the centre of the board unlike the 9FT NFA and therefore offers a frantic skatey feel but just as comfortable on the nose as it is in 360’s and powerful thrown cutbacks.

The Asyl is mounted with FCS quad or try fin setups, so you can play around with what works best for the conditions in 3 or 4 fin.
Tested in head high conditions, this board would be best used in the 1-4ft range.

Again the rocker of the Asyl is of longboard calibre low and fast but with more comfort in a variety of conditions with its 30″ width and 140 litres you will be amazed at what is achievable with this high performing board.


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