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2012 will see Gong’s best range of stand up paddle boards to date.
Here is a list of what boards we think are going to be a HIT

The Epoxy line is the basic construction from GONG featuring a 25g EPS FOAM epoxy resin for great looking and highly durable boards.
7’9 Minimale
This ultra-compact sized SUP secures the rider with a ultra stable paddle board that is easy to transport and fun in the surf for all the family. Why should paddleboards be heavy and hard to transport ! with the 7’9 Minimale surf sessions down the beach can be enjoyed by anyone up to 130kg. A moderate rocker allows rolling waves to be taken with ease and the coastline was never this easy to explore.
The 9’3 ‘Start up’ as its name suggests is the board for the stand up regime, opening the sport to everyone. This board has unparalleled lateral stability so you’ll find it hard to fall off. The tailshape has been reduced from last years model to enable easier turning on waves and with enough Volume for riders up to 158kg it will remain stable even in choppy conditions. You will be surprised at how many waves you’ll catch to the beach!

The 10’2 Greedy is a board for beginnings that will help you and your family discover what Stand up paddling is all about.The width makes it incredibly stable paddling out through the surf and even catching the most marginal of waves is done in great comfort even with the family on board! The board turns surprisingly easily when moving back towards the tail. A fantastic first time SUP or for the larger rider looking for an easy comfortable ride.

The 4×4 Range is produced for guys who are looking for performance but don’t always have time to get out in the best conditions.This range features flatter rocker lines which make these boards very fast in mediocre conditions when the wind is on it and conditions are choppy or lumpy.These boards are still performance based in cleaner conditions but volume and rails have been kept fuller to allow more ease of use for people looking for a ‘speed switch ‘ in a variety of wave types.

The 8’6 Cloud ‘666’ is a radical mixture of longboard and shortboard style. The flattened rocker in the middle section helps the board develop speed quickly making the fine rails and tail respond to an aggresive carving ability. A very versatile stable board equally at home on the nose as it is in monstrous loose cutbacks in good and mediocre conditions. Suitable for weights up to 121kg (18 stone) best for intermediate – advanced riders at 10-16 stone.

The Damn 9’10 is a fast, stable and powerful SUP board. Suitable for beginner to Intermediate paddlesurfers who are looking for performance in less than perfect wave conditions and a board which will allow for paddle fitness training when the waves are flat. A great looking template with enough volume to support riders up to 140kg in weight.

The Curve line is for more performance minded paddle surfers who are looking for a board to take on Plunging sucky waves or a board that can be depended on when the conditions are at their best. Generous rocker lines and thin rails in the tail section enable aggressive style slashes,cutbacks and tube riding.
8’4 Painy is the performance SUP for the majority of riders. An aggressive board which excells in larger powerful surf but also provides speed and balance in mushy onshore conditions. A short board inspired outline gives incredible performance through a narrow tail and thin rails giving a ‘magic switch’ feeling when your in the zone. Suited to guys and girls who are comfortable in all waves who want a board which will not let them down when the lip decides to pitch.

The 8’9 ‘777’ is a radical board for those looking for aggressive style performance without the row effect of a smaller board. A feeling of instant acceleration, explosive turns and precision control from the ultra thin tail will take your SUP surfing to another level.

The 9’4 Mineral is a pure surfing machine delivering an incredible feeling of precision in turns for all weights of riders. Do you want to take on big or hollow waves in all elements and return to the beach feeling like you ‘killed it’ ! Then this board is specific to your needs, suited to riders up to 126kg (19 stone)

The 11ft NFA (No friend attitude) is a proven shape which boasts performance from fantastic flat water glide to great wave riding in a variety of conditions. A unique mix of performance longboard characteristics such as a wide stable nose for pressing 360’s blended with a comfortable beach toy board that the whole family can enjoy, from catching the first waves to paddling the family around together.

The Gong Egg SUP line is a range of short stand up paddle boards which are designed to be usable and versatile for a larger variety of people. Increased width and template shape make these boards easier to use than they look, row effect is kept to a minimum and they can be paddled in the conventional prone paddling position. Great in mushy onshore, lumpy conditions these smaller paddle boards offer you the opportunity to paddle surf waves how you never dreamt you could, literally flying with your feet and your paddle !

The Faking 6’11 short SUP is a versatile paddle surf board which can transform your riding between short board and longboard styles. A stable board with a full template shape which gives support in choppy conditions and a smooth glide for glassy days. A radical performing board which will provide a super fun and SUPrising mix of paddle board styles all rolled into one board.
The 7’2 OD (Over Dose) brings you to levels of surfing prowess you never thought you were capable of. The OD is a stable yet maneuverable shape with moderate width and length which will open your mind to short SUP surfing even if you’ve been dubious about these short shapes. A fast and versatile rocker will enable you to take on a variety of conditions, the pulled in tail will help the board adapt to steeper waves. 115 litres of volume the ‘OD’ will suit riders up to the 105kg (16 stone) weight range.
7’4 x 32″ SHAKECombining comfort and accessibility for the larger SUP board rider, the 7’4 Shake is the shortSUP for the bigger guy who wants performance and stability in one board.If you’re over 100kg and riding a longer board but are lacking that radical feeling – this is the board for you !
The Shake’s Volume and width 130litres x 32″ will suit riders up to 120kg (18 stone)

The 2012 Gong short SUP line combines the innovation and technical expertise of Patrice Guenole. His passion has bred these short styled paddlesurf boards for years and now this line represents where rules are broken and new standards of SUP performance are written. These boards look like surf boards and they surf like them too!

The 5’9 Finch is a fish styled SUP with ultra mini size, maneuverable and with intense acceleration. The 50/50 rails in the front section of the board keep the row effect to a minimum so paddling in a straight line is achievable with practise.
In surfing the outline shape serves up a floaty fish style board capable of explosive cut backs and down the line speed, this board is really made for small clean 2-3ft waves which you’ll remember as a blur.

The 6’4 Angel is the most performance based short SUP on the market today ….top secret this board for the rider under 90kg is the weapon of choice to tear apart waves 4ft and under end of.

The ‘Miapolis’ 6’8 stand up paddle board is stable short SUP for those wanting to go down in size but remain in control of their paddling.
The 6’8 gives surfers speed on demand and the potential to explode their repertoire of manoeuvers. The 2012 model has a revised shape with less width helping the board perform better in the pocket, but more volume allowing for more control and drive for all users.

The SHERPA 10’6 is a board for walking on water from the Sunday stroll to intense physical training along the coast. A stable fast board which will keep you eagerly awaiting: what’s round the next headland on your coastal tours, to the next ripple of the ocean to ride to the beach. A fun versatile SUP.

And at last we have the new PRO PVC line. GONG’s answer to the most high performance and technologically advanced construction techniques.
The shortsup range I have been told may change but were so excited about these two models the 9’0 & 9’2 …….i think i just peed

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