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Whether it’s at your local beach break or an outer reef, getting a cover up is what makes the sport of surfing so incredible. Although it is much more difficult to get tubed on a SUP board there are some basic keys that will help you master this maneuver especially while riding larger bards with a paddle in your hand.

Before we take on huge 20ft barrels lets start off with a smaller beach break type of wave to get the key ingredients down.

Setting up for your tube ride will be the key to success or disaster.

Look for a wave that is overhead and that is not closing out too much. As you bottom turn, use your paddle to stabilize yourself as well as to adjust your speed. You’re going to want to stay as close to the whitewater as possible.

Once you have successfully bottom turned it’s time to redirect your board along the wave face.

In the early stages of tube riding especially in smaller waves, it’s a good tip to either bend or drop your back knee onto the board. This will allow added stability especially as the wave begins to throw over or penetrate your body.

The paddle is an essential part of SUP surf riding so once again use it to your benefit. As the wave begins to throw, crouch down, and at this time ensure that the paddle is on the wave side of the board to which you are traveling. Skim the blade across the water to slow you down. One of the biggest mistakes in trying to tube ride on a SUP is that due to the larger size of the boards and added velocity, most riders shoot out ahead of the wave and miss the curl- so slow down and get ready to tuck in.

As the wave begins to throw out, brace yourself and keep your paddle on the wave face. The paddle will start to lift up over your head which signifies that the lip is about to go over your head. At this time you can add weight to the paddle to help stabilize yourself.

The moment of glory – as the wave throws over, get ready to either pop out the other side or get nailed on the head for the wipeout. It is a fine line in smaller waves but definitely more forgiving so practice in smaller surf before venturing out in huge waves.

Once you feel that you have survived, shake the water out of your eyes, give a big smile and get out there and do it all over again.

Credit – Ivan van Vuuren

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