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Reasons for buying a real ShortSUP:

Like any sport, there is a trend towards extreme performance. Higher, stronger, faster etc. …
In SUP, the extreme performances come from shorter SUPs – radical smacks on the lip , easy 360’s and fast generation of speed akin to a shortboard surfboard. The Longboard SUP arena promotes classic moves and style, cross step and hangfives etc . Each of these disciplines is driven continuously by the equipment used by the rider . The Longboard style of SUP is growing very fast across the globe. The boards are much longer than conventional surfboards and therefore make catching waves easier ,but as they’re bigger they have inherent disadvantages which make them harder to turn on the wave and control ,it takes style …and use of the paddle!

The ShortSUP however being smaller is an easier board to manage in the surf. A smaller board offers more moves on the entire length of a wave. Here is a recent comment by a customer who bit the bullet and bought a 7’8 !
‘’Just to keep you up to date, Today is the first day since getting the 7ft8″ we had a good clean 4/5ft wave and man this board rocks ! it’s also more stable than its length would imply. It is incredibly fast down the line and so loose it blows you away.’’ Gary Thatcher- Cornwall
Here lies the secret, as you feel freer and less at risk from the board on the wave you can get laid into more critical situations. Less fear, less danger = more action. Performance competitive surfing is predominantly done on smaller boards apart from big wave surfing where 8’-12’ guns are used as the norm. Why should it be any different in SUP!

How does it feel ?
The feeling is unique , a physical and technical aspect of SUP , not because the boards are heavy they’re not, the average board under 7ft is 7kg making lugging the board easier for you, your Partner or child! Taking the board out in small surf you’ll test your balance to the max and your CORE will get the best training even a exercise ball can’t give you !

So if you’re serious about your SUPing and want to get into more critical hollow waves and perform The ShortSUP can only mean win, win! Your on a SUP for a reason .. you either don’t care what people think ,you’re having fun or you like the attention – you’re doing something different. Be the wolf not the sheep … get on a ShortSUP and feel the revolution growing beneath your feet !
A ShortSUP is a must have, in the quiver….

I’ve ordered a 6’9 and 7’4 they’ll be here soon – ill be posting pictures and movie so stay connected with SUPGOWER.COM

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