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The sport is relatively simple and there are many different elements to stand up paddling depending on how you want to enjoy the water, you may not even get wet !

It is relatively easy if taught in suitable conditions so we try to search where the best location is for the conditions on the day and meet you there, avoiding a difficult and disappointing first session.

Your first Intro session will get you to grips with the equipment (board & paddle) and how these pieces of equipment can open up a truly versatile sport which works on your ‘core’ balancing technique and allows you to explore the coastline or inland waterways.

Its all about Standing up, falling in and having a lot of fun!




YOU CAN CALL US ON 01792 446511 or Beach Mobile 07799062447 or -Book Online Here-

Get advise on paddle length and board size  – it will  make a world of difference to your enjoyment of the sport!

The boards have changed a lot in the 8-10 years the sport has been mainstream. We offer advice in the correct board for your progression from beginner to Intermediate.

The SUP Gower Team are constantly testing a range of beginner- Advanced boards and paddles so that we can offer the best possible advice to you before you buy.




WHY Paddle Surf?

PADDLE SURFING adds a cool new dimension to the ocean through catching and surfing waves to paddling the waterways of your nearest body of water. A whole new skill set is required to use the paddle and this improves your surfing. It is a simple, yet beautiful tool and it is almost like learning to surf all over again with all the thrills that go with it!

Many surfers forget the feeling they first had when they caught their first wave and were instantly hooked.


The large board and the power of the paddle can get you into waves VERY early already standing up. You see the waves easier as you are higher up and therefore you are faster to get to the right position in the lineup and it is easier to get to un-crowded wave spots.

One of the problems with progressing to a high level in ‘surfing’ is that you become picky with the conditions,  when its good everyone is out and No one wants to share waves!

When you start out Paddle Surfing  riding 1-2’ on-shore  junk waves becomes fun again!. Getting  fitter and have the ability to cruise the coastline exploring and surfing waves you never knew existed adds the STOKE again!

Paddling  6’ above the water and seeing down into it, adds a whole new dimension to enjoying the ocean.


It is important  with any new sport to show RESPECT and stay away from crowds and other surfers – which is not hard when you can move around so easily.

It is all about RESPECT and SUP etiquette!



Keep the top arm straight. Once you start bending your upper arm you will use too much power and paddle inefficiently. Apply longer more powerful strokes when gliding along and shorter higher frequency strokes to catch waves.Try to bend your knees when applying more power to your paddle stroke.

STANCE on the board

When paddling in a straight line it is best to stand 90 degrees to the board(PRONE) – once you catch a glide or a wave, change into surfing position -(OFFSET) one foot forward. The ‘surf’ or offset stance is less stable so practice paddling with feet ‘offset’. The narrower the board is, the harder it is to keep balance. Boards around 29 to 30 inches offer enough stability for most people.

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